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A New Knee, a New Life


Bob Banas and his wife, Agnes, enjoy walking again now that Bob has had his knee replacement surgery.

If you're considering knee replacement surgery,
Robert Banas offers this advice: Don't procrastinate.

He speaks from experience. Banas waited "two years too many" before having knee replacement surgery on his right leg in June.

"The pain was bad. It was hard for me go about my daily activities," recalled Banas, an active 67-year-old whose work as a roofing salesman was curtailed due to extreme pain caused by arthritis in his knees.

"Just plain walking around hurt."

Then, Banas decided he "needed to get a new life."

After talking with friends, Banas chose orthopedic surgeon Dr. Daniel McBride. "I heard he was an excellent surgeon," Banas said.

Banas had knee replacement surgery and recuperated at the Joint Replacement Center at Cooley Dickinson. "I never had to ring the call bell," said Banas. "The nurses were there for me all the time.

"And the joint classes took your mind off the pain."

Under the watchful eye of his wife and joint replacement coach, Agnes, Banas continued his recovery at home, received home visits from a VNA physical therapist, and later attended outpatient physical therapy.

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"I had a lot of pain and then no pain," recalled Banas. "My knee hurt during physical therapy, but the pain eventually went away without the need for a lot of pain pills."

Two months after the surgery, Banas was back to his daily routine: going up and down stairs and bending. He's even taken on larger projects such as remodeling the inside of his home and rehabbing an apartment.

"I just can't say enough about the Joint Center. What sticks out in my mind is the caring of all the staff."

He's planning now to have his other knee replaced.

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